Dr Pummill & Staff
Thank you for all your attention to detail. For your expediency on paperwork I needed. (FMLA) Dr. Pummill, you are an artist of extraordinary proportion! I love my tummy

Just wanted to say thanks to you all! What a wonderful staff Dr.Pummill has! I hope she realizes how truly amazing she is! I have already recommended her to 2 people! You all made a truly scary experience so rewarding!

Thanks Again,


Dear Dr. Pummill and Staff

Thank you for everything! I feel like a new me! I love how my “new” smaller, perky breast look and feel. (My husband loves them too!)
You all helped me to feel very confident in my decision to go ahead this surgery. You are all so kind and sweet and patient.

This experience has been wonderful! Thank you. Thank you!


I had breast surgery, rather major, my breasts look better than when I was seventeen. I really felt comfortable having a woman treat me for this, she was much more understanding. I'm a nurse myself and I received great care, and I know good care and treatment. I would not even consider anyone else. 

Most folks don’t go out of their way to do things for others…
Thank goodness you aren’t most folks.
Thank you so much!

Sue & Todd
"Dear Dr. K. Pummill & Staff,

(7 Ibs. "oh what a relief")! I'm really appreciative of all the kindness you've extended to me since during and after my surgery. I will never forget how you eased my anxiety concerning my surgery. The surgery outcome was magnificent! I'm very well pleased! I also wish to express my heartfelt thanks to: Julie, Casey, Laurie.

Thank you for all your kindness and special care I received. This was a pivotal time in my life and you all helped me get through it. Again thank you.


"Dr. Pummill,

Thanks so much for helping me with what was a scary diagnosis to having a better figure than before. You and your office staff have been great!"


"Dear Dr. Pummill,

Thank you so much for your special care and kindness during my breast reduction surgery. Your approach to patient care was calming and comforting. You advised me from the very beginning that I would be pleased with the results and it would increase my self-esteem. My back pain is almost non-existent and I feel as though I can hold my shoulders back with pride. I'm excited for the first time in my life to buy a bra and I've already started to loose weight. I'd be sad not to see you and your office staff because you've made my experience so pleasurable. You all are such neat, great people. Thank you again Dr. Pummill for everything from the bottom of my heart and now slightly less top... it meant so much to me."


"Doctor Pummill,

I am writing about my wife, Sue's breast reduction surgery. Yesterday (Friday, January 4, 2008) for the first time I saw a complete, unopened view of the work you did. You did a wonderful job. Sue's breasts are so well-formed and the size is perfect. As far as the shape of her breasts is concerned, they look as shapely as when we first committed to each other twenty-five years ago. She was 28 years old at that time. Thank you so, so much for being able to do this for my wife. She is a great woman and deserves this.


"Dear Dr. Pummill and Crew,

A note of "thanks" for everyone making the big adventure of my life so much fun. You all made me feel like this is just the right thing to do. Dr. Pummill, God has blessed you with a great gift of listening. I appreciate how you take all my questions seriously and have respect for my moms questions. We've all been with doctors who do not seem to think of our concerns as important as they are, at least to us. Anyway, thank you. Also, I'm buying water balloons tonight - I have my b-cup bra - and I want to see what I'll look like! What a hoot! (hooters! I didn't say that?)"


Excellent physician! Fixed a botched previous breast reconstruction from a different doctor. Very satisfied with result. Office staff goes above and beyond by helping with specific insurance and medical issues. Highly suggest her.